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York Chocolate Festival 2024: A Must-Visit Event

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Dutch cocoa powder

Unveiling the Secrets of Dutch Cocoa: A Chocolate Lover’s Guide

Dive into the world of Dutch cocoa: from Coenraad van Houten's invention to its role in elevating hot chocolate and desserts. A culinary revelation!
Cacao pods

Exploring the Difference Between Cacao and Cocoa Powder

Have you ever pondered the difference between cacao and cocoa powder? Discover how each contributes uniquely to the flavour and health benefits of your favourite chocolatey drinks.
National Hot Chocolate Day

National Hot Chocolate Day

As the chill of winter wraps around us all, there's one day that stands out as a beacon of warmth and comfort: National Hot Chocolate Day. This unofficial holiday offers the perfect excuse to indulge in one of the world's most beloved hot drinks.
Kokoa Collection Ecuador Classic 70% hot chocolate

A Taste of Ecuador: Kokoa Collection’s Hot Chocolate Review

Discover Kokoa Collection's classic 70% hot chocolate - a journey of flavour from the heart of Ecuador. A sustainably produced chocolate that aims to delight.
Ruby Hue hot chocolate

Ruby Hue Hot Chocolate: A Gourmet Experience

Explore Ruby Hue hot chocolate: A Bristol gem offering a rich, artisanal taste experience in every sip. Handcrafted quality quality meets ethical sourcing
Provisions Marou Cacao Powder

Exploring the Richness of Provisions Marou Cacao Powder

Experience the luxurious taste of bean-to-bar chocolate with Provisions Marou Cacao Powder, crafted for connoisseurs of fine cacao.
Vietnamese egg cream hot chocolate

Vietnamese Egg Cream Hot Chocolate

Looking for an authentic Vietnamese egg cream hot chocolate experience in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter? I may just have the place for you!
Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser

Can I Use Any Hot Chocolate with a Velvetiser?

If you're like me, the quest for the perfect cup of hot chocolate is not just a hobby; it's a passion but can I use any hot chocolate with a Velvetiser?
Best hot chocolate in Bristol | Ruby Hue

Best Hot Chocolate in Bristol

Bristol is a city steeped in history and culture, so come with me on my flavourful adventure across Bristol's hot chocolate havens.
Best hot chocolate for Christmas

Which? Best Hot Chocolate for Christmas 2023

Discover the best hot chocolates for Christmas 2023! From M&S's surprise winner to luxury picks, our taste test reveals top festive treats.
Firetree volcanic hot chocolate

First Impressions: Firetree’s Volcanic Hot Chocolate

Discover the luxury of Firetree's volcanic hot chocolate - a journey from exotic origins to a cup of rich, complex flavours.
Knoops hot chocolate

Knoops: Redefining the Hot Chocolate Experience in the UK

Discover Knoops: Transforming UK's hot chocolate culture with a touch of Knoopology.
Best hot chocolate in Tokyo

The Best Hot Chocolate in Tokyo

Indulge in Tokyo's hot chocolate scene - rich, artisanal, and unmissable. A personal guide to the city's best!
Terry's Chocolate Orange in a Velvetiser

Hotel Chocolat Orange Hot Chocolate Vs Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Can festive favourite Terry's Chocolate Orange outdo Hotel Chocolat's pricier blood orange hot chocolate in our zesty showdown?
Best milk for hot chocolate froth

Which Milk is Best for Frothing?

Discover the art of milk frothing for hot chocolate! Explore types, techniques, and tips to elevate your cup to gourmet delight.
Lidl Barista Oat Milk | Best milk for hot chocolate?

What is the Best Milk for Hot Chocolate?

Discover the best milk for your hot chocolate! From creamy dairy to eco-friendly oats, find your perfect match for a sublime cocoa experience.
Hot chocolate and drinking chocolate

Hot Chocolate and Drinking Chocolate: What’s the Difference?

From the comforting creaminess of hot chocolate classics to the intense and pure chocolate experience of drinking chocolate, we explore their differences in taste, ingredients, preparation, and historical roots.
Velvetiser vs milk frother

Velvetiser vs Milk Frother For Hot Chocolate: Who Wins?

Explore the clash between the stylish Velvetiser and classic milk frother. Who'll win the crown for the ultimate hot chocolate? Dive in to find out!
Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen

Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen

Discover the M5's hidden gem: Gloucester Services, where Cotswold charm meets artisanal delights for a unique, local culinary journey.
Porto, Portugal | The best hot chocolate in the city

The Best Hot Chocolate in Porto and More Delicious Treats

Satisfy your taste buds in Porto with artisanal chocolates, wines and the perfect cup of hot chocolate.