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Best Hot Chocolate in Bristol

Bristol is a city steeped in history and culture, so join me on a mission to discover the best hot chocolate it has to offer. Uncovering the artisanal mastery at Ruby Hue and the sweet pastry treats at Farro Bakery. Come with me on my flavourful adventure across Bristol’s hot chocolate havens.

It was my birthday recently, so my wife and I decided to visit somewhere new.

I’d only ever been to Bristol briefly a few years back and my wife had never been, so we booked a lovely room at Horts Town House and spent 24 hours eating and drinking our way around the city.

Let’s be clear and upfront about this post – it’s not going to be an exhaustive list of all the cafés and stores offering hot chocolate in Bristol.

As I only had a limited amount of time in the city, I did my research beforehand and selected 3-4 places that I wanted to try. Unfortunately, one of them was closed on the days we were there and for another, I was simply too full from a fantastic birthday lunch at Root Bristol, which I’d also heartily recommend.

Ruby Hue

The definite highlight amongst many highlights of our short trip was Ruby Hue Chocolate.

Whilst it wasn’t the only reason for visiting Bristol, once we’d decided on the city, it was a fixed and unmovable item on the agenda as far as I was concerned.

Best hot chocolate in Bristol | Ruby Hue
Best hot chocolate in Bristol | Ruby Hue

It didn’t disappoint.

Ruby Hue operates a chocolate factory and café, where they produce quality bean-to-bar chocolate in-house. They craft their chocolate from ethically sourced beans from Uganda, the Solomon Islands, and Peru, with plans to expand their selection.

The café offers a unique experience with their own recipe hot chocolate and a variety of extra toppings.

Their bean-to-bar process is meticulous and focused on quality. They select only the best ethically and sustainably sourced fine cacao. The beans are roasted with bespoke profiles to highlight the best flavours, then cracked and winnowed.

The nibs are ground into cacao liquor, to which organic, unrefined sugar is added. This process results in unique chocolate that emphasises the true flavour of chocolate.

Ruby Hue was founded by Ruth, a pastry chef with experience in Michelin-starred kitchens, and Tom, a mixologist with a passion for flavour and terroir. Initially a pop-up concept, Ruby Hue adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They transitioned from using ready-made chocolate to creating their own bean-to-bar chocolate, inspired by a craft chocolate fair. This shift represents their commitment to the craft chocolate revolution and ethical practices.

Without too much prompting, Tom was more than willing to spend a few minutes talking me through the chocolate-making process in their tiny “factory”. Right there in the store.

Ruby Hue Hot Chocolate and chocolate bar

As far as he’s aware, it’s the smallest chocolate factory in the UK and who am I to question that!

We opted for the 70% Solomon hot chocolate with hazelnut milk and it was exceptionally good.

They were clearly generous with the amount of chocolate added to the drink as it was satisfyingly thick and delicious. According to the website, the tasting notes for the chocolate are black cherry, cacao and dates however we picked up something a little citrusy as well.

Either way, if you ever find yourself in Bristol, you simply have to visit them because this is a hot chocolate not to be missed..

I picked up a bar of their chocolate and a tube of Rwenzori 70% dark hot chocolate as well but I’ll do those full justice in another post.


Unit 2, Hawkins Lane Building
East Tucker Street

Farro Bakery

Whether it’s my age or something entirely unrelated, I just don’t have the appetite I used to.

So after spending most of the previous afternoon recovering from the wonderful lunchtime overindulgence, I wanted – if not needed – something a little lighter.

I love a good bakery and the reviews of Farro Bakery were very promising, so my wife and I dropped in for a few pastries and a very tasty Bare Bones hot chocolate.

We had three pastries between us, with the highlight (for me at least) being the one below. It was something I hadn’t seen before but it was excellent. Sort of like a caramelised croissant with a hint of sea salt.

A bit of research suggests it might be a Kouign-amann.

Farro Bakery Bristol | hot chocolate with marshmallow
Farro Bakery Bristol | pastry

The pasties were delicious and, as it was my birthday trip, I even opted for the toasted marshmallow with the hot chocolate!

Farro Bakery Bristol | hot chocolate with marshmallow
Farro Bakery Bristol | interior

Well worth a visit if you’re passing by.


1 Brunswick Square
St Paul’s

Mrs Potts Chocolate House

We swung by Mrs Potts Chocolate House on the same day as our lunchtime blowout at Root, so neither of us could face the thought of a hot chocolate, unfortunately.

I went in to buy some of their flaked chocolate to take home with me but maybe because it was just before Christmas, their shelves were practically bare, with only a white or 32% milk left so I left empty-handed.

The reviews online are pretty positive, so I’d give it another visit if I found myself in the area again.

They also have stores in Bath and Cardiff.


50 Park Street

Savouring Bristol’s Chocolate Charm: A Final Reflection

Bristol’s journey through its hot chocolate spots is a delightful testament to the city’s rich chocolate culture.

From Ruby Hue’s artisanal mastery to Farro Bakery’s cosy charm, each offers a unique experience beyond just a cup of hot chocolate.

These destinations are not just stops on a map, but invitations to savour the art of chocolate in a city that celebrates flavour and craftsmanship.

So, when in Bristol, indulge in these chocolate havens and let each sip add a touch of sweetness to your day.

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