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Knoops: Redefining the Hot Chocolate Experience in the UK

In a nation traditionally known for its love of tea and the growing popularity of artisan coffee, a new contender has emerged to captivate the taste buds of the British public: luxury hot chocolate. At the forefront of this delicious revolution is Knoops, a brand that has been steadily transforming the way we perceive and enjoy hot chocolate.

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Founded by Jens Knoop, a visionary entrepreneur with a rich and diverse background, Knoops is not just a brand; it’s a testament to the art and science of chocolate.

Jens Knoop’s journey from a photographer in Germany to the mastermind behind one of the UK’s most innovative hot chocolate brands is as intriguing as it is inspiring.

A Passion For Chocolate

His passion for chocolate, rooted in his childhood experiences, has culminated in the creation of Knoops, a brand that prides itself on offering an unparalleled hot chocolate experience.

“The feedback we get from customers is they are bored with coffee and want something new,” Jens Knoop explains. “They want something interesting and ‘next level’, which is single-origin chocolate from around the world” (The Guardian).

This blog post delves into the world of Knoops, exploring how it has redefined the hot chocolate experience in the UK.

From the philosophy of ‘Knoopology’ to the expansion of the brand across the country, we will uncover the story of how Jens Knoop’s dream transformed into a reality that is reshaping the UK’s hot chocolate landscape.

The Genesis of Knoops

Jen Knoop | Knoops Hot chocolate

A Journey from Hamburg to Hot Chocolate

The story of Knoops is as rich and layered as the chocolate it serves.

Jens Knoop, the founder, hails from Germany, where his early experiences with chocolate were not just about taste but also about the emotions and memories tied to it.

Jens recalls, “chocolate, I link back to my grandmother. The war generation of my grandparents lost everything during the war. So, treats were appreciated, celebrated and given out occasionally as a reward” (RyeZine).

This deep, emotional connection with chocolate laid the foundation for what would become Knoops.

The Birth of a Chocolate Vision

Jens’s path to founding Knoops was not straightforward.

His career began in the world of photography, a field that honed his eye for detail and appreciation for craftsmanship.

However, a move to England and a shift in career paths led him to a revelation.

Jens observed a gap in the UK market for high-quality hot chocolate.

The idea for Knoops was born out of a simple desire: to offer a better hot chocolate experience.

“I lived in central London and tried to find a decent hot chocolate anywhere… I thought I could improve this,” Jens remarked (RyeZine).

Opening the Doors to a Chocolate Dream

In 2013, the first Knoops store opened its doors in Rye, East Sussex.

This wasn’t just the opening of a new shop; it was the introduction of a new chocolate culture in the UK.

Knoops was different – it wasn’t just about serving hot chocolate; it was about crafting an experience.

Each cup was a blend of carefully selected chocolates, tailored to individual preferences.

From the very beginning, Knoops was set to change how people experienced hot chocolate.

Crafting the Knoops Experience

Right from its inception, Knoops stood out for its dedication to quality and variety. Jens’s approach was meticulous, involving thousands of hours perfecting the balance of flavours.

He experimented with different cocoa percentages, milks, and unique additions like spices and fruits.

This dedication to craft and quality quickly set Knoops apart in the hot chocolate market.

The Philosophy of Knoopology

Knoopology | Knoops drinks menu

More Than Just Hot Chocolate

At the heart of Knoops lies a unique concept: Knoopology.

This isn’t just a fancy term; it’s a philosophy that guides everything at Knoops.

Knoopology is about exploring the depths and nuances of chocolate.

Jens Knoop explains, “Like photography, I have the same approach to hot chocolate. I’m not trying to impose how people should feel. I’m giving them the facts, a percentage, the taste notes and the origin of the cacao bean” (RyeZine).

It’s a scientific yet personal approach to making the perfect cup of hot chocolate.

A Menu of Choices

Knoopology thrives on choice.

The Knoops menu resembles a periodic table, offering a spectrum of cocoa percentages, from the mildest white chocolate to the most intense dark varieties.

Each option comes with its own set of tasting notes, allowing customers to embark on a sensory journey.

This level of detail and variety is what sets Knoops apart and embodies the essence of Knoopology.

Tailoring Your Chocolate Experience

The beauty of Knoopology is in its customization.

It’s not just about choosing a type of chocolate; it’s about crafting a drink that resonates with your personal taste.

Customers can experiment with different combinations, adding a dash of sea salt, a sprinkle of chilli, or a hint of orange zest to their drink.

This process of personalisation makes each visit to Knoops a unique adventure.

Educating the Palate

Knoopology is also about education.

Jens and his team take pride in helping customers understand and appreciate the complexities of chocolate.

By explaining the origins, flavours, and characteristics of different cocoa beans, Knoops isn’t just serving hot chocolate; it’s enriching the customer’s palate and knowledge.

The Knoops Experience

Knoops hot chocolate | The experience

Stepping into a Chocolate Wonderland

Entering a Knoops store is like stepping into a chocolate lover’s paradise.

The atmosphere is a blend of a cozy café and a sophisticated chocolate lab.

Jens Knoop’s vision for each store was to create a space where the focus is on the chocolate experience.

“When you enter a Knoops store, you see facts… often, people say they feel like they are walking into a chemistry lab,” Jens describes (RyeZine).

This unique environment sets the stage for a chocolate journey unlike any other.

Guided by Knoopologists

At Knoops, you’re not just a customer; you’re an explorer.

The staff, affectionately known as ‘Knoopologists’, are more than just baristas; they are guides in your chocolate exploration.

They assist you in navigating the extensive menu, explaining the nuances of each chocolate percentage, and suggesting combinations that might suit your palate.

This personalised guidance is a hallmark of the Knoops experience.

Crafting Your Perfect Drink

The magic of Knoops lies in the creation of your drink.

Whether it’s a comforting hot chocolate on a chilly day or a refreshing iced chocolate in the summer, each drink is crafted to your specifications.

The process is interactive and engaging, allowing you to experiment with different chocolates, milks, and unique additions like spices or herbs.

Every cup is a reflection of your taste and a testament to the art of chocolate making.

A Community of Chocolate Enthusiasts

Knoops isn’t just about selling hot chocolate; it’s about building a community.

Customers are encouraged to share their experiences, preferences, and discoveries.

This sense of community is evident in the lively conversations that fill the stores, as people of all ages and backgrounds bond over their shared love for chocolate.

Jens Knoop’s vision extends beyond the cup; it’s about creating a space where people can come together and enjoy the simple pleasure of a well-made hot chocolate.

Beyond the Store: Knoops at Home

Knoops at home
Knoops marshmallow at home

Bringing the Knoops Magic into Your Kitchen

Knoops understands that the craving for a perfect cup of hot chocolate doesn’t end at the store.

This understanding led to the creation of Knoops’ at-home range.

“When people couldn’t go into the shops, they bought our flakes and the chocolate makers to recreate the experience at home,” Jens Knoop shared (The Guardian).

This initiative allows the Knoops experience to transcend the boundaries of their stores and enter the homes of chocolate enthusiasts.

A Range for Every Chocolate Lover

The Knoops at-home range is as diverse and sophisticated as its in-store menu.

From luxurious chocolate flakes to carefully curated chocolate-making equipment, every product is designed to replicate the Knoops experience in your own kitchen.

Whether you’re a fan of the rich, dark varieties or prefer a lighter, creamier version, Knoops has something for everyone.

Knoopology at Your Fingertips

The range includes detailed guides and recipes, encouraging customers to explore and refine their chocolate-making skills. It’s an invitation to continue the journey of chocolate discovery, one cup at a time.

Sharing the Love of Chocolate

Knoops’ at-home range isn’t just about enjoying chocolate; it’s about sharing the love of chocolate with others.

Whether it’s gifting a set of chocolate flakes to a fellow chocolate lover or hosting a hot chocolate evening with friends and family, Knoops brings people together.

As Jens Knoop envisioned, Knoops is more than a brand; it’s a medium for connection and joy, shared over a cup of hot chocolate.

Expansion and Impact

Knoops and tasty treats

Spreading the Chocolate Love

Knoops’ journey from a single store in Rye to a burgeoning chocolate empire is a story of passion meeting opportunity.

Jens Knoop’s vision has propelled the brand to new heights and locations. “Today Knoops is in Brighton, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Kensington, Oxford and Richmond, with more locations on the horizon,” Jens proudly states (RyeZine).

This expansion is not just about opening new stores; it’s about spreading the unique Knoops experience to a wider audience.

A Growing Chocolate Community

Each new Knoops store is a gateway to a larger community of chocolate enthusiasts.

The expansion has allowed Knoops to reach diverse groups of people, each bringing their own tastes and experiences to the brand.

This growth has not only increased Knoops’ footprint but also enriched the brand with a variety of customer interactions and feedback, further shaping the Knoops experience.

Impact Beyond Sales

The impact of Knoops extends beyond its commercial success.

The brand has influenced the UK’s hot chocolate market, raising the bar for quality and variety.

Knoops has played a pivotal role in transforming hot chocolate from a simple beverage to a gourmet experience. This shift has encouraged other businesses to elevate their hot chocolate offerings, thus changing the landscape of the hot chocolate market in the UK.

Looking to the Future

With a successful model and a growing fanbase, Knoops is poised for further expansion.

Jens Knoop’s vision for the future includes not only opening more stores but also exploring international opportunities. “Another goal is going international with Knoops,” Jens shares, highlighting the brand’s potential to influence the global hot chocolate scene (RyeZine).

The journey of Knoops is far from over, and its impact continues to grow, one cup of hot chocolate at a time.

The Future of Hot Chocolate in the UK

Spiced Knoops hot chocolate
Pouring Knoops hot chocolate

A New Era of Chocolate Indulgence

The UK’s hot chocolate scene is on the cusp of a transformation, with Knoops at the helm of this change.

The growing popularity of luxury hot chocolate, spearheaded by brands like Knoops, is reshaping the beverage landscape.

Jens Knoop envisions a future where hot chocolate holds a place of pride alongside coffee and tea.

“My gut feeling was it should work because drinking chocolate has been around for 5,000 years. It hasn’t gone away,” Jens reflects on the enduring appeal of hot chocolate (RyeZine).

Beyond a Seasonal Treat

Traditionally viewed as a seasonal beverage, hot chocolate is breaking this stereotype.

With the variety and quality offered by Knoops, hot chocolate is becoming a year-round indulgence.

The introduction of options like iced chocolates and chocolate milkshakes is further broadening its appeal, making it a versatile choice for any season.

The Rise of Chocolate Connoisseurship

Just as coffee has its connoisseurs, the future will see a rise in chocolate connoisseurship.

Knoops is leading the way in educating customers about the nuances of chocolate, from bean origin to cocoa percentage.

This education is creating a more informed and discerning customer base, eager to explore and savor the complexities of chocolate.

Knoops and the Global Stage

Looking ahead, Knoops’ potential expansion beyond the UK is a thrilling prospect.

Jens Knoop’s ambition to take Knoops international could see the brand becoming a global ambassador for British hot chocolate excellence. “Germany could be reasonably easy because I understand the palette,” Jens muses, considering the possibilities of international expansion (RyeZine).

A Sustainable Chocolate Future

Sustainability is another key aspect of the future of hot chocolate.

As Knoops grows, so does its commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility.

This commitment is likely to resonate with a consumer base that is increasingly conscious of the impact of their choices on the planet.

Wrapping Up the Chocolate Journey

As we reach the end of our exploration into Knoops and its impact on the UK’s hot chocolate scene, it’s clear that this is more than just a story about a beverage.

It’s about a passion that transformed into a movement, led by Jens Knoop and his dedication to crafting the perfect hot chocolate experience.

“I am responsible for the choices, taste, sustainability, and so on,” Jens states, emphasizing his hands-on approach to every aspect of Knoops (RyeZine).

The Lasting Impact of Knoops

Knoops has not only changed how people in the UK view and consume hot chocolate; it has also set a new standard in the beverage industry.

The brand’s emphasis on quality, variety, and customer experience has raised the bar for what a hot chocolate can and should be. This legacy is Jens Knoop’s gift to chocolate lovers, a testament to his vision and hard work.

Your Turn to Share

Now, it’s over to you.

Have you visited a Knoops store, or have you tried making your own Knoops-style hot chocolate at home?

Share your experiences, your favourite combinations, and how Knoops has changed your perception of hot chocolate.

Let’s keep the conversation going and continue to celebrate the joy of chocolate together.

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