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Exploring the Richness of Provisions Marou Cacao Powder

During my recent exploration of Tokyo, I picked up some Provisions Marou Cacao Powder. It’s not a brand I’d seen before but the red and gold of the tin immediately caught my eye and drew me in and, let’s face it, when it comes to new, good-looking hot chocolate products, my resistance to temptation is futile.

Discovering the Essence of Maison Marou: A Bean to Bar Journey

In the heart of Vietnam, a country not traditionally known for its chocolate, lies the innovative and passionate world of Maison Marou. Founded by Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou, Maison Marou has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the global chocolate landscape.

What sets Maison Marou apart is not just its location, but its unwavering commitment to the bean-to-bar process, a method that involves overseeing every step of chocolate making, from sourcing the cacao beans to crafting the final product.

Maison Marou’s journey began in 2011, born out of a shared passion for chocolate and an adventurous spirit. The founders embarked on a mission to explore the rich cacao-producing regions of Vietnam, discovering unique and flavorful cacao beans.

This exploration led to the creation of a range of chocolates that are not only distinct in taste but also tell a story of the local terroir and the farmers who cultivate these beans.

At the core of Maison Marou’s philosophy is a deep respect for the natural process and the people involved. By working closely with local cacao farmers, they ensure fair practices and sustainable agriculture, contributing positively to the communities. This approach extends to their production methods, which are meticulously crafted to preserve the natural flavours and qualities of the cacao beans.

Dedication to the Bean-to-Bar Process

Maison Marou’s dedication to the bean-to-bar process is a testament to their pursuit of quality and authenticity. Each chocolate bar they produce is a reflection of their commitment to showcasing the diverse flavors of Vietnamese cacao, while also pushing the boundaries of traditional chocolate making.

In a world where mass production often overshadows quality, Maison Marou stands as a shining example of how dedication, passion, and respect for tradition can create a product that is not just delicious but also tells a meaningful story.

Provisions Marou Cacao Powder – A Closer Look

This cacao powder stands out for its purity and natural processing. Unlike many commercial counterparts, it is non-alkalized, meaning it retains the full spectrum of flavours and antioxidants inherent in high-quality cacao.

The powder is produced through an all-natural process, free from heat treatment or chemical additives, ensuring that the beneficial substances and the distinct subtleties of flavour for which Maison Marou’s award-winning chocolate is known are preserved.

Ideal for a variety of culinary uses, from baking to smoothies and, of course, hot chocolate, this cacao powder offers a rich and authentic chocolate experience, reflecting Maison Marou’s commitment to excellence in the bean-to-bar chocolate making process.

Provisions Marou Cacao Powder

Exceptional Flavour Profile

Once I started using it for my hot chocolate, I became slightly obsessed with it.

Provisions Marou Cacao Powder is renowned for its exceptional flavour profile, a testament to the meticulous bean-to-bar process they employ.

This cacao powder is characterized by a rich and robust taste, with a complexity that unfolds gradually. The initial notes are deep and earthy, followed by subtle hints of spice and fruitiness, creating a well-rounded chocolate experience.

Unlike its alkalised counterparts, this non-alkalised powder retains the natural nuances of the cacao, offering a purer and more intense chocolate flavour.

How the Terroir Affects the Flavour Profile of the Cacao Beans

The concept of terroir plays a crucial role in shaping the flavor profile of Provisions Marou Cacao Powder.

Terroir refers to the environmental conditions, especially soil and climate, where the cacao beans are grown.

In Vietnam, the diverse landscapes and microclimates across different regions impart unique characteristics to the cacao beans. Factors such as soil composition, rainfall patterns, and temperature variations contribute to the distinct flavor notes in the cacao. This geographical diversity ensures that the cacao powder not only carries the signature chocolate taste but also echoes the essence of the land where it originates.

Provisions Marou Cacao Powder and the Velvetiser

Provisions Marou Cacao Powder and Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

Despite the advice on Hotel Chocolat’s website about only using their chocolate flakes, creating a luxurious cup of hot chocolate with Provisions Marou Cacao Powder is effortless using Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetiser. This at-home hot chocolate maker, designed for barista-grade creations, is the perfect companion for the rich and robust flavours of Maison Marou’s cacao powder.

Simple Steps for a Perfect Cup:

  1. Measure the Powder: Start by measuring the desired amount of Provisions Marou Cacao Powder. i like my hot chocolate quite rich, so used 2 heaped tea spoons (around 20g).
  2. Add Milk or Alternative: Pour your choice of milk or a dairy-free alternative into the Velvetiser.
  3. Velvetise the Mixture: Add the cacao powder to the milk in the Velvetiser. Secure the lid and press the button to start the velvetising process.
  4. Wait for the Magic: In just 2.5 minutes, the Velvetiser will transform the mixture into a smooth, velvety hot chocolate.
  5. Serve and Enjoy: Pour the hot chocolate into a cup and enjoy the deep, complex flavours of Provisions Marou Cacao Powder, enhanced by the Velvetiser’s unique process.

The Velvetiser, with its ease of use and efficient design, is ideal for bringing out the best in Maison Marou’s cacao powder, ensuring a consistently smooth and indulgent hot chocolate experience every time.

How to Purchase Provisions Marou Cacao Powder

Provisions Marou Cacao Powder

If you find yourself in Japan, then I can recommend a good place to pick up Maison Marou’s cacao powder as well as one of the best hot chocolates in Tokyo.

For chocolate enthusiasts in the UK, the availability of Provisions Marou Cacao Powder is primarily online, with Maison Marou’s website being the best source. Additionally, select gourmet and specialty stores across the UK may stock this exquisite cacao powder but I’ve not been able to find one yet.

Cocoa Runners stock a wide range of their chocolate bars but not the cacao powder.

The Essence of Marou: A Closing Reflection

Provisions Marou Cacao Powder stands as a paragon of quality in the world of chocolate. Its unique qualities – the rich, complex flavour profile, the non-alkalised process preserving natural antioxidants and subtleties, and the commitment to sustainable, ethical sourcing – set it apart in the market.

This cacao powder is not just an ingredient; it’s an experience, offering a taste of the rich Vietnamese terroir and the artisanal mastery of Maison Marou.

The Importance of High-Quality, Sustainably Sourced Cacao Powder

Choosing Provisions Marou Cacao Powder is more than a culinary decision; it’s a choice that supports sustainable agriculture and ethical practices. High-quality cacao powder like this not only enhances your hot chocolate but also contributes to a larger movement of environmental responsibility and fair trade.

By opting for such products, consumers play a part in promoting sustainable farming practices and supporting the livelihoods of cacao farmers.

For those who have yet to experience the depth and authenticity of Provisions Marou Cacao Powder, now is the perfect time to start. I encourage you to indulge in this exquisite cacao powder and explore the myriad of ways it can enrich your hot chocolate creations.

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