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Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen

Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen breaks the mould of motorway service stations with artisan, locally sourced food. Nestled on the M5, it’s not just a pit stop, but a delightful, culinary experience blending quality and sustainability.

Not your typical motorway service station

Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen is not your typical motorway service station.

Located on the M5 motorway in Gloucestershire, England, it’s known for offering a different, more wholesome experience compared to the usual fast-food and franchise offerings at most service stations.

It’s celebrated for providing fresh, locally sourced, and high-quality food.

They support local farmers, producers and artisans by selling their goods, which means travellers can enjoy a unique and quality selection of food and products that reflect the richness and diversity of the local region.

The establishment itself is built into the landscape, boasting a grass roof and a pond, making it environmentally friendly.

It’s also been the subject of a Channel 4 documentary series, A Cotswold Farm Shop which, over six episodes celebrates the people, products and landscapes that surround the famous and very untypical motorway service station.

It’s a family-run business with an emphasis on sustainability and community, aiming to offer a restorative stop for those on the road.

The ethos of Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen is about bringing people closer to the source of their food, celebrating the best of the local area and offering a more sustainable and ethical choice for travellers on the M5.

It’s a pioneering approach that has set a new standard for motorway service stations in the UK.

What Does This Have To Do With Hot Chocolate?

Well, what self-respecting artisanal farm shop wouldn’t have a nice selection of quality hot chocolates for sale?

I’m glad to say that Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen doesn’t shy away from stocking some really tempting hot chocolate treats.

Rather than just stocking the usual mix bog bog-standard hot chocolate powders, the farm shop has a small yet interesting selection of artisan hot chocolates, including both powders and flakes.

When I visited, the brands were bendsmiths, Chocolate Tree, Pittenweem and Kokoa.

hot chocolate selection at Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen

It was a tough choice but I decided to limit myself to just two packets, which gives me another excuse to pay a visit in the coming months.

I chose the Ecuador Classic 70% Kokoa and the Dark Choc Blend from blendsmiths.

Reviews of both the 70% Kokoa and blendsmiths are coming soon. (I did use the blendsmiths in my Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate recipe but that wasn’t really fair as it was a little experimental!

Hot Chocolate Bombs

But that wasn’t the end of the hot chocolate fun!

They also had a whole (and very large) display table dedicated to hot chocolate bombs.

Hot chocolate bombs Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen
Hot chocolate bomb instructions Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen

Despite being a big fan of both chocolate and hot chocolate, I’ve never tried a hot chocolate bomb but was sorely tempted by this selection.

Rear of Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen

Gloucester Services Farmshop Kitchen

I’m pleased to report that the hot chocolate served in the cafe at the back of the building was also delicious.

By the way, if you do visit Gloucester Services, don’t be tempted to sit out on the tables at the front of the building, near the car park.

The seating and the view at the back of the building are so much nicer than looking out at the car park. And after you’ve had your food and drink, why not stretch your legs a little further with a stroll around the


In the heart of the M5 lies the gem that is Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen, a nexus of local culinary artistry and Cotswold charm.

Each artisan product tells a tale of community and quality.

This isn’t just a pit stop, but a soulful junction where travellers connect with the region’s rich flavourful tapestry, making every journey a delightful culinary escapade, and proving that the road less travelled unveils the most memorable experiences.

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